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Letters & Follow Up

Jack & Marci,

Hi, my name is Marcie Taylor Ambrose (Born Marcie Sue Taylor, Adopted Marcie Taylor Malloy), my brothers and I were featured on Wednesday's child in 1990 (I think, either that or '89). Barbara Shaw and Donald Malloy saw us on Wednesday's Child in Sturbridge Village and said, "that's them!!!" Not long after that we went to Cambridge to live with them and they ended up adopting 2 out of 3 of us. It was a great experience and we were so fortunate to be featured on your show and to get the chance to be seen by such an amazing family. We were truly blessed.

Today I was eating lunch with one of my colleagues and noticed the packet of free Frosty's from Wendy's he had purchased for me while getting lunch. For years I have been talking about Wednesday's child, but now living outside of Boston, no one here really knows about it or has heard of it. I was excited to be able to tell him my story.

So of course I took the time after to visit the site and make a donation, this donation is for my father Donald Malloy who unfortunately was killed by a drunk driver in Mobile County, Alabama in December 2006 while he and my mother were there volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. He was an amazing man and always put others before himself.

I am now 26 yrs old with a beautiful 7 yr old son of my own and I'm expecting my next child this August 21st. Life is great and might not have been without Jack and Wednesday's Child.
Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family as well as many others. I am truly grateful.

Marcie Ambrose

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